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Brad Gouthro

Brad Gouthro

  • Leader of the “Live Lean Transformation 100,000 Mission” and the “Team Lean” Membership Community
  • Owner of Brad Gouthro Fitness, a fitness, nutrition, and wellness publishing company specializing in helping people lose belly fat, get six pack abs, and live life to their greatest potential.
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) specializing in full body transformations, losing belly fat, getting six pack abs, and functional strength.
  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (NWS)
  • Named finalist for the award of: Favorite Personal Trainer as voted by clients.
  • Recognized as an Expert Author by EzineArticles.com
  • Featured Cover Model of the “Lean Hybrid Muscle” fitness system program (seen below) created by fitness gurus Elliot Hulse & Mike Westerdal.


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Who am I and why am I the right person to author, Awaken The Abs Within?

It’s simple. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist, I’ve been blessed with an uncontrollable passion for fitness, nutrition, and awakening the six pack abs within. It’s in my DNA. Unfortunately the same passionate DNA didn’t give me the golden ticket of also having a chiseled set of six pack abs.

My Journey

Brad Gouthro: Body Transformation

My journey began as a “skinny” kid who was very active in competitive sports. Even though I was a decent athlete (I still think I could be Peyton Manning’s star Wide Receiver), I was always self-conscience of my ectomorph frame and fat belly. Although it didn’t look like it (maybe it was because I wore baggy clothes), I had belly fat. I was so self-conscience of my belly fat that I was to uncomfortable being seen shirtless at the beach. Fortunately for me, I’ve always been high on self-improvement and enjoy the challenge of overcoming my weaknesses. This meant taking my Urkel-esque/fat belly frame and turning it into a strength. My initial attempts at working out produced very little results. It wasn’t because I wasn’t working hard. It was because I was very ignorant to the usage of proper training and diet methods to properly lose belly fat and build six pack abs. I quickly learned that losing the belly fat and awakening the abs within must be seen as a disciplined and structured marathon rather than a quick and unstructured sprint.

I Understand What You’re Going Through: My Video Where I Confess My Fears

My Body Transformation

My body transformation began taking place after I hit a wall. I became so frustrated with my lack of physical progress that I had to take a step back and seek proper guidance. I consumed myself with everything related to fitness and nutrition (I still do today). Having an addictive personality, I researched everything I could about the in’s and out’s of building lean mass, losing belly fat, and getting six pack abs. After reading the right books and following success stories of athletes that overcame the same challenges that I faced, I started implementing these best practices into my daily routines.

Even though I’ve transformed my body, I’m dedicated to staying up-to-date on all the new and innovative workouts and diet strategies that effectively burn belly fat and help maintain the six pack abs lifestyle.

What Was The Result?

Brad Gouthro Before & After Awaken The Abs Within

Brad Gouthro Before & After Awaken The Abs Within

My close friends still make fun of my body today BUT it’s because they can’t believe the results of my body transformation. It’s quite a different feeling being “chirped” by your buddies because YOU HAVE sculpted six pack abs, a v-shaped back, and chiseled arms.

And guess what…I actually enjoy the “six pack abs” lifestyle. I enjoy my workouts and my diet. You’d be surprised at how much I eat. I also eat tasty, REAL, full fat foods like eggs, meat, nuts, etc.  The Awaken The Abs within program is not like other diets that starves you and makes you eat boring foods.  My nutrition plans have you eating whole foods that build muscle, burn fat, and increase your metabolism. I make things fun, because I know when you hate doing something, you won’t continue doing it for life. And the Awaken The Abs Within program is…for life. It will give you a lifestyle makeover.

Peyton - My Dog

Oh yeah, here's the best piece of "fitness equipment" you can own....he's my best buddy...his name is Peyton.

So why should you follow my 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat? I’ve been there, I’ve tried that. I’ve worked my butt off for very little results. Countless ab workouts and hours of cardio a day IS NOT the way to get six pack abs.  It wasn’t until I started implementing a structured fitness, and more importantly, solid nutrition plan into my lifestyle that I started to see my six pack abs. I understand what you’re going through. That’s why I know you’ll appreciate the insights and best practices that I have to share. By implementing these best practices into your daily fitness and nutrition routine, you’ll conquer all fears and begin losing belly fat and will start seeing your six pack abs.

As you can see, I live the six pack abs lifestyle. I’m not one of those hypocrites that creates and sells fitness programs even though they may be in worse shape then you! I maintain my physique 365 days of the year. How can I do that? I follow the secrets in the Awaken The Abs Within program. That’s the great thing about it. It’s maintainable over the long-term. I keep saying this, but it’s a lifestyle. It’s not a short-term fad program.

Fitness and nutrition is my passion and I’d love to share that passion with you through my work.

• Author of the hottest new nutrition and fitness workout program on the market, Awaken The Abs Within: 7 Secrets To Losing Belly Fat.

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• Author of the hot selling Kindle E-book, How To Lose Fat & Build Lean Muscle – 10 Unique Workout And Nutrition Strategies Your Personal Trainer Never Told You

How To Lose Fat And Build Lean Muscle
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You only have one body. So treat it like your temple. The body of your dreams is closer than you think.

Let Me Help You Lose Belly Fat And Get Six Pack Abs.

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