Are You Eating Toxic Seafood? [VIDEO]

toxic seafood

Consuming Toxic Seafood Is Not Cool!

I hope you take the time to read this post on the growing issues with toxic seafood and fish. Living on the east coast, I'm very grateful to have access to fresh fish and seafood. But even with this easy access, you still need to pay attention to what you're buying at the grocery store and in restaurants. Take today for instance. I'm in the grocery store and have a mad craving for some salmon ( 3s). So I grab a few fillets when all of a sudden the big F-word slaps me right in the face. FARMED! C'mon man!

I'm sure you've heard about the high mercury and PCB levels found in certain fish. If these chemicals aren't bad enough...there's more.

Here are a few of the findings from the ABC News report below. They report that certain imported fish being farmed in SEWAGE and are known to contain viruses, bacteria, parasites, and treated with antibiotics. Yummy. Any type of food that contains antibiotics can often be transferred to you. The report also mentions over the long-term, consuming fish and toxic seafood filled with antibiotics and chemicals can have a dramatic affect to your health.

toxic seafood

Are You Eating Toxic Seafood?

Finally, the report details how the fish and seafood you're eating is probably imported from developing countries where the FDA only inspects and tests less than 1% of them. Think that's bad? It's about to get worse. When the fish and seafood is tested, they're usually classified as "filthy" and "poisonous"! Here's a quick example of how certain tested imported fish were classified:

Catfish from China ---> "Contains veterinary drugs"

Swordfish from Vietnam ---> "Poisonous"

Snapper from Malaysia ---> "Filthy"

3 Tips To Ensure You're Eating Healthy & Not Toxic Seafood Or Fish

I didn't show you this video to scare you away from eating fish and seafood. Just be smart with your decisions. Follow these 3 tips to ensure you're eating fish that will help you get a lean and healthy body.

1. Focus On Eating Wild Fish

The majority of the problems detailed in the video above are related to farmed fish. As mentioned earlier, not only are farmed fish more likely to contain unhealthy chemicals, they can also be fed an unnatural diet of corn and soy. Similar to red meat and poultry that are fed a diet of unnatural foods, the nutritional value of farmed fish can be lowered (including the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio being out of whack). Remember, the meat, poultry, and fish you eat is only as healthy as the source (animal/fish) it came from.

2. Limit Fish High On The Food Chain (To Avoid Overdosing On Mercury)

Most people realize tuna can be high in mercury (Tip: canned white albacore tuna contains more mercury than light tuna). However, other fish high on the food chain such as striped bass, grouper, king mackerel, shark, swordfish, tuna, and tilefish also are known to contain higher amounts of mercury from pollution than smaller fish.

If you love eating these kinds of fish, try to limit consumption to 2-3 times per month and ensure you're eating a clean diet filled with detoxifying herbs, spices, teas, and of course, veggies. Although your body can handle small levels of mercury, these detoxifying foods can help slowly eliminate mercury in small levels.

If you're pregnant, I highly recommend you consult your doctor before consuming any of the fish listed above. 

3. Consume Wild Fish Low On The Food Chain

Your best option is to consume wild fish that is low on the food chain. These include, herring, pollock, salmon, sardines, shellfish, and trout. Herring, salmon, sardines, and trout and also loaded with omega 3 healthy fats which are a great source of DHA and EPA.

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Are You Concerned With Eating Toxic Seafood Or Fish?

Comment below if Toxic Seafood is an issue for your and your family.

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  1. Robert
    6 years ago

    80% of our fish comes from developing countries–that’s an absolutely staggering percentage.I agree with you that if given the choice, getting wild caught fish is immensely better than farmed fish. Like you I live on the East coast, so I have tons of options for getting local fish. My favorite option is to hit one of the nearby streams and do some trout fishing. Relaxing and I know exactly from where my food comes.


  2. bgouthro
    6 years ago

    The meat (in this case fish) you eat is only as healthy as the animal it came from.


    Gilbert Collins Reply:

    Good stuff mate. Your article will be so helpful in enhancing my workout and making it effective. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    bgouthro Reply:

    You’re welcome.


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