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Awaken The Abs Within Workout Videos:


Awaken The Abs Within: 10 Levels Of Abs Workouts

Awaken The Abs Within: Advanced Workout (Complexes): Week 30

Awaken The Abs Within: Beginner Workout From: Week 1

Awaken The Abs Within: Quick Fat Burning Full Body Workout Circuit

Awaken The Abs Within Team Lean Cook Book Videos



Awaken The Abs Within Team Lean Cook Book: Fat Burning Homemade Pizza
Awaken The Abs Within Team Lean Cook Book: Fat Burning & Muscle Building PB & J Protein Shake

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  1. You are very ripped, and these are clearly some great workouts to get down to such a low body fat. I have started adapting some ab finishers at the end of my workouts. Putting a core movement in mixed with some specific to my main routine. For example today was legs and shoulders, so I done a circuit of dumbbell squat jumps, db chops and squat jumps


    bgouthro Reply:

    Thanks for the compliment. Love squat jumps as a metabolic finisher!


  2. Robert
    6 years ago

    Here’s what I love about your videos: the intensity.

    I think any workout where you can just go through the motions and extend it out past 45 minutes is really a waste of time. With your workout, the rest periods are kept short, and as a result, your body is challenged more.

    I really like your inclusion of the hanging leg lift too. Right now, it and the L-shaped pull-up are my favorite ab exercises. You have me beat though; I’m still trying to consistently get my legs past 90 degrees without compromising form.


    bgouthro Reply:

    You nailed it man. INTENSITY!

    It’s frustrating seeing the same young guys in the gym every day but their body never changes. A big reason for that, other than diet, is they go to the gym and socialize…not workout!