Grass Fed Beef Benefits [Video]

The Numerous Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

I felt like exploring the city today for some grass fed beef.

You know what grass fed beef is right? Uh yeah…beef that eats grass?!?

Yeah smart guy, that’s right…beef that eats grass…but do you know why grass fed beef should be a part of your everyday diet?


Grass Fed Beef


Well keep reading as I’m going to open your eyes to the reasons why GRASS FED BEEF should be considered a health food just like it’s water friend Mr. Wild Salmon. Sure they’re both high in protein. But get this…they’re also both high in healthy omega 3s. That’s right…studies are now popping up every where showing that grass fed beef has a similar omega 3-to-omega 6 ratio as wild salmon.  That’s why I’ve profiled grass fed beef in my “Top 5 Abdominal Fat Burning Foods” report. You checked this FREE report out right?

“Have You Tasted The Difference? Give Grass Feed Beef A Try…You’ll Be Hooked”

Of course you’ll run into people that will tell you red meat is bad for you because of its saturated fat content. Although I disagree…I do believe they have somewhat of a point when it comes to the conventional factory farmed beef that the majority of grocery stores carry (thus the meat most people eat).

These factory farmed animals are fed an unnatural fattening diet full of soy, grains, hormones, and antibiotics. Regardless of how unhealthy this makes the animal (and the food)…it fattens them up and creates more profits. Profits 1…Health 0.

Just ask Mother nature and she will tell you that cattle were not designed to eat grains and soy.

grass fed beef benefits

Mother Nature Says...Eat Grass Fed Beef

When animals are forced to eat a diet of mostly grain and soy, the fat ratio of the meat gets altered. It’s composition becomes higher in inflammatory causing omega 6 fatty acids and lower in healthy omega 3 fatty acids (most people are actually lacking omega 3s in their diet).

Contrast that with grass fed beef…

grass fed beef benefits

Damn this grass is good...

Grass Fed Beef Benefits…#1 – Omega 3 Content

As mentioned earlier…one of the big grass fed beef benefits is that it supplies your body with muscle building quality proteins and a healthy punch of omega 3 fat. I bet you 95% of people aren’t aware of that…go ahead and test someone next time you’re talking about beef…since I’m sure “beef talk” comes up all the time around the water cooler…it does, right?

The higher amount of omega 3s and lower amount of omega 6s gives the beef a much more natural ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s.

In my book Awaken The Abs Within, I discuss the unhealthy trend in today’s diet that is causing people’s intake ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s to be way out of whack. This can cause of lot of the unnecessary inflammation in the body that many people are suffering with today.

Grass Fed Beef Benefits…#2 – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Content

Here’s another grass fed beef benefit…CLA content. Grass fed beef contains a much high amount of CLA then grain fed beef.

Why is this a good thing? Studies show that natural sources of CLA could be helpful in building muscle and losing fat. This has led to many supplement companies adding a synthetic version of CLA to their “fat burner” formula. Of course, getting CLA from its natural source (grass fed beef) is much better than the synthetic version found in supplements.

Always remember this…

The meat you eat is only as healthy as the animal it came from.

grass fed beef benefits

Me so happy...

So when animals are treated humanly and free to eat a natural diet…the meat is actually healthy to you!

Grass fed beef, bison, buffalo, lamb, and venison are some of the most healthiest forms of meat you can add to your diet.

With all these grass fed beef benefits mentioned above…why do so few people consume it?

Well check out my video below for the answer…

My Video Journey For Grass Fed Beef


That’s right…most typical grocery stores do not offer grass fed beef. I even visited a “health food” grocery store and they didn’t carry it. Also be aware…just because it says it’s organic…it does not mean it’s grass fed.

If I’ve convinced you to replace conventional beef with grass fed beef (which was the point of this blog and video) BUT you can’t find it anywhere in your city…check out this online company that sells and delivers all kinds of healthy grass fed products:

grass fed beef benefits

Wellness Meats - Online Grass Fed Beef Supplier

Wellness Meats

They quickly deliver pretty much every mouth watering healthy grass fed food you could ever want:

  • grass fed buffalo
  • grass fed burgers
  • grass fed cheese
  • grass fed steaks (ribeyes, filet mignons, and any other cut)
  • free range chicken & turkey

It’s also delivered in a cooler directly to your doorstep for FREE. I’ve heard some people ordering on Friday and getting their food on Tuesday.

And don’t worry about cost as their prices are pretty similar to grocery store prices…plus you get to avoid the long lines and shop from the comfort of your own home!! Bonus!!

Here are a few products from Wellness Meats that have been recommended:

  • free range chicken or turkey sausage (a nice addition to an italian meal or breakfast)
  • free range turkeys (for your next family get together)
  • grass fed beef burgers or grass fed bison burgers (just add a 100% sprouted bun and raw cheese for a quick and delicious meal)
  • grass fed butter and cheese (higher in CLA and omega 3s than conventional butter and cheese)
  • grass fed fillet mignon (of course…obviously tender and sooo delicious)

grass fed beef benefitsIt’ll be a great feeling knowing that you and your family can eat DELICIOUS and HEALTHY red meat more often now.

I always opt for grass fed beef now that I’ve done the research. I hope you’ll do the same.

So if you don’t have a local source…or would prefer to avoid the crowds and shop from home…

Click here to get your healthy and delicious grass fed beef from Wellness Meats

Check them out if you’re looking to improve your health, build muscle, and lose fat.

Have You Had Grass Fed Beef Before? Did You Taste A Difference?

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  1. Robert
    6 years ago

    I recently got hooked on grass fed beef. It started out with me buying a pound of ground grass fed beef from Whole Foods at a whopping $8.00/pound. Ouch!

    Price aside, I cooked it up that night and wasn’t exactly blown away by the taste. When it’s cooking, it definitely has a unique smell. The taste is also slightly “gamier.” However, when I woke up the next morning, I had the strongest craving for more.

    Long story short, I contacted a local farmer and now am expecting a quarter of a cow near the beginning of March. The best part: it’s going to cost me around $4.50/pound, which is the same price for standard supermarket beef in my area.

    For those who are on the fence about trying it, definitely give it a shot. Grass fed beef is interesting to say the least.


    bgouthro Reply:

    Awesome stuff Robert. After shooting this video I actually found a local farmer that sells grass fed beef and free range chicken for much cheaper!

    I also checked out your blog. Love what you’re doing. Great stuff.


  2. Robert
    6 years ago

    Thanks for checking out my site Brad, I really appreciate it. How much is the farmer charging you for free ranged eggs per dozen?


  3. bgouthro
    6 years ago

    I pay $4.99/dz. I just found a local grass fed farmer that actually charges less for grass fed beef than the big grocery stores. Score… go figure


  4. Robert
    6 years ago

    4.99/dz isn’t bad at all. What’s he/she going to charge you hanging weight for the beef? My guy is $3/pound, but once you factor in paying the butcher plus how much actual meat you get after it’s processed, it bumps up a dollar or two. But still, getting ground beef, steaks and roasts for about what the supermarket will sell you their conventional ground beef is an absolute steal.


  5. bgouthro
    6 years ago

    I’m not sure about all those costs…all i know is I’m happy getting healthy meat for cheaper or same as conventional meat!


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