Honey Vs Sugar

honey vs sugar

Answers To The Honey Vs Sugar Debate

Alright…today’s blog post on Honey vs Sugar is going to be quick. It’s based on answers to a few questions I received from readers regarding my last post on artificial sweetener side effects.

A few of you were surprised I recommended honey to sweeten your food.  And I can’t argue with a lot of your points…

  • Yes, honey is high in sugar
  • Yes, honey is a calorie dense food (meaning a small serving contains a lot of calories) and can cause you to store fat if it puts you in a calorie surplus.
honey vs sugar

Honey vs Sugar

But…But...and one last but...

  • The sugar contained in honey is NATURAL and not refined.
  • The calories in honey DO provide nutritional benefits such as antioxidants and healthy enzymes. Therefore, it’s not an empty calorie food like refined sugar. Remember refined sugar adds calories but provide no, zilch, nada, zero nutritional benefits. To much refined sugar may actually remove nutrients from the body in order to process it. So it’s a double whammy!
  • Lastly, a few studies are popping up that consuming honey may actually help you process sugar more efficiently (where refined sugar does the opposite).

Honey vs Sugar Debate - But Don't Just Choose Any Type Of Honey...

honey vs sugar

Always choose higher quality foods

Before you go out and stock up on honey… as always, I want you to choose the highest quality type of honey…Raw Honey. As with most foods, the processing of the honey can actually kill a lot of the healthy antioxidants and enzymes in it.  So next time you’re in your grocery store, look for Raw Honey. If they don’t carry it, check you local health store or simply order it online from my good friends at…

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But remember, if you really want to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable (which will help you reduce fat and inflammation), you should try to avoid sweeteners and learn to enjoy the natural taste of whole foods.

If you’re not quite there yet and you need to sweeten your tea or food, please use raw honey (natural), 100% pure maple syrup (not Aunt Jamima) or Stevia, and avoid refined sugar/artificial sweeteners (unnatural).

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Comment Below and let me know your thoughts on the honey vs sugar debate. 

Honey vs sugar – what sweetener do you prefer?

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  1. Robert
    6 years ago

    “The sugar contained in honey is NATURAL and not refined.”

    For me, this is where the debate begins and ends. The less refined/processed foods a person eats, the healthier he or she will become. Although losing weight and looking great is important to a lot of people, fitness involves a lot more than a number on a scale or how you look in the mirror.

    The body can withstand a lot, but if you constantly feed it garbage, over time it will reach its limit and start to break down. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.


    bgouthro Reply:

    Love your philosophies Robert. Very similar to mine!


  2. Habeela
    6 years ago

    What’s your take on xylitol?Jamie Eason promotes it in her LiveFit program as a natural sugar.


    bgouthro Reply:

    How could I every disagree with Jamie! I use xylitol in baking as well. It’s approved 😉


  3. Austin
    6 years ago

    I always see raw honey when I’m shopping at my local grocery store, but I’ve never picked it up. Next time I’m there I’ll definitly have to give it a try. Thanks!

    – Austin


    bgouthro Reply:

    Hey Austin, highly recommended! More nutrients and enzymes equals WINNING!


  4. curlsz
    6 years ago

    often I swap for maple syrup as honey can leave a strong flavor and doesn’t always mix as well, but lately I’ve barely been sweeting foods – but it took me a few months to get to that point – gradually cutting back sugar has been a short journey, but a journey never the less. it’s mostly for plain greek yogurt as that is one food i may never be able to eat without “sugar”


    bgouthro Reply:

    you nailed it! once you “detox” your body of sugar you then can begin to enjoy the natural flavors of food. And I agree with you on plain greek yogurt. i need to sweeten that naturally as well!


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