Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

Is Soy Milk Bad For You

The Million Dollar Question: Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

Is Soy Milk Bad For You

Just Say No To Soy

I often get asked the question, is soy milk bad for you. Unfortunately many of the foods today that are branded as "health foods", such as soy milk and other soy products, can actually increase your belly fat, be harmful to your health, and halt your progress to get six pack abs! You can thank the greedy food marketers for this. Recently the harmful effects of soy and soy milk has been making its way to the media. However, public awareness of soy's harmful health effects has a long way to go.

Did you know that a few decades ago, unfermented soy was actually considered unfit to eat? Soybean actually contains large amounts of anti-nutrients including enzyme inhibitors and substances that disrupt the digestion and absorption of protein and its amino acids, as well as essential minerals such as calcium, cooper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Therefore, people that substitute tofu in place of meat (such as vegetarians) are at a high risk of experiencing severe mineral deficiencies, especially in zinc. Zinc is very important for brain function and the regulation of blood sugar levels, thus helping fight diabetes. Contrary to soy, grass fed beef is high in zinc. Studies have shown that the enzyme inhibitors can also cause serious cases of gastric distress in the body, can inhibit growth (based on tests on rats), and in some studies has been shown to cause cancer.

It gets worse...

Soy milk and soy products also contains substances called goitrogens that can depress the thyroid gland thus negatively affecting your metabolism and fat burning capabilities.

One of the most scary things about soy milk and other soy based products is that most of the foods are genetically modified and have become highly contaminated with pesticides. 

6 Foods That Make You Fat

So let me ask you again, does this sound like a health food to you?

Why Else Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

  • substances found in soy milk and other soy products can block the uptake and absorption of essential minerals (causing deficiencies in calcium, cooper, iron, magnesium, and zinc)
  • enzyme inhibitors found in soy milk can disrupt the digestion of protein and its amino acids
  • soy contains goitrogens that can depress the thyroid gland, cause hypothyroidism, and negatively affect your metabolism
  • soy potentially can cause endocrine disruption and potentially increase the risk of thyroid and pancreatic cancer
  • soy potentially can cause endocrine disruption and potentially increase the risk of thyroid and pancreatic cancer
  • reproductive problems (increased infertility)
  • researchers now place soy among the top 8 allergens of all foods

Is Soy Milk Bad For You

How soy became known as a health food

You may be interested to know that millions of dollars has been spent by soy industry executives to hire marketing and public relation firms to brand soy as a health food. The first strategy was to target the affluent demographic by branding soy as a super food that helps prevent heart disease and cancer, creates strong bones, and keeps you young forever (rather than the cheap, unhealthy food it really is). As with most products, the plan was for it to first gain acceptance/credibility in the affluent market and then trickle down to the less affluent society. Unfortunately it worked. Soy milk has risen from $2 million in 1980 to over $3oo million in the US last year. Are you one of those people that has been brainwashed to think soy milk, soybean oil, soy protein, and other soy processed foods are healthy for you? If so, hopefully by reading this article it will change your mind and open your eyes to the fact that soy and soy milk is NOT A HEALTH FOOD and consuming too much of it is actually a leading cause of that hard to lose belly fat.

What about soy protein isolate?

You make think soy protein isolate is healthy but it's far from being natural or healthy! It was once considered a waste product but new technology has allowed food manufacturers to add preservatives, additives, and sweeteners (amongst other things) that turn the once terrible smelling/looking product into a highly processed food that can be consumed by humans. It's highly processed in factories where the fiber is removed and then sent through an acid washing procedure inside aluminum tanks (which can actually leak aluminum into the product). It's then dried at high temperatures to make soy protein isolate. The final high temperature and pressure processing of the soy protein isolate produces textured vegetable protein (TVP). Nitrates, known as being a carcinogen, can be produced during all this high temperature processing. As mentioned before, studies have shown that taking soy protein isolate can increase the need for vitamins B12, D, E, and K as soy consumption can create a deficiency in essential minerals including calcium, cooper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. These studies also showed that animals fed soy protein isolate developed enlarged organs including the pancreas and thyroid gland. Lastly, the studies revealed an increase in fatty acids being deposited in the liver.

Always look to ensure foods you buy do not contain soy protein isolates or TVP. They're usually found in processed foods such as fast food items (including soft drinks) and baked goods.

Increasing media awareness of why soy milk is bad for you

Is Soy Milk Bad For You

Fortunately, the media is becoming more and more aware of the negative risks soy and soy milk has on human health.

In fact the Israel government, based on research and recommendations from an expert panel, has recommended babies should not receive soy formula, and children should not eat soy more than once a day or up to a maximum of 3 times per week.  Adults have also been warned about the negative health risks including increased risk of breast cancer and infertility. This research concluded that the estrogen like plant hormone in soy can cause negative effects on the body and strongly recommended people minimize their consumption.

This is an early sign that the question million dollar question, is soy milk bad for you, is finally being answered. People are starting to understand that SOY AND SOY MILK IS NOT A HEALTH FOOD. Here's a link to a few other surprising foods that cause belly fat.

Unfermented soy food (tofu, etc.), soy milk, and soy protein should NOT be consumed. Fermented soy food like miso, natto, and tempeh can be consumed on occasion and in moderation.

I talk more detail about soy's effect on your stubborn belly fat in my book, Awaken The Abs Within. But if you want another opinion on the topic, fitness and nutrition professionals Catherine Ebeling (RN) and Mike Geary (CPT) cover why soy milk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat in The Fat Burning Kitchen.

I hope the facts listed in the blog post has provided insight and answered your question: is soy milk bad for you?

Do You Consume Soy Milk Or Other Soy Products? Comment Below...

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  1. Tibbie
    7 years ago

    In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find spimle solutions.


  2. Queenie
    6 years ago

    It’s just that this kind of food were strongly prohibited because of it’s undesirable effect that sometimes can worsen certain illness. However this particular foods that are mention here can also bring some benefits but it depends to the situation which will require desired amount but on some occasions only.


  3. Robert King
    6 years ago


    Your site has quickly become one of my favorites, because every time you release an article, it’s hard for me to find one point of contention with anything you say. This article is no different.

    I agree with all 6 items you picked in this article. Whole wheat is a tricky beast, and a lot of people are falling in love with it for it’s “health” benefits. I recently visited my mom and I was telling her I didn’t really believe it was healthy for humans to consume grains, and her response verbatim was “Even whole wheat?”

    Soy is also a great choice, and sadly, it’s one that is affecting more people than ever. With what seems to me like more people choosing to forgo meat these days, soy is a frequent substitute. There are already studies coming out about the dangers of soy consumption, but it will be interesting to see what kind of impact soy has in 10-20 years from now.

    Margarine is also another piece of deceptively harmful food. People are really scared of fat, cholesterol, and all the other scapegoats of the latest low-fat trend, but there is plenty of research available to show if you get fat and cholesterol from the proper sources, it is really beneficial to you. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter will have people saying I Can’t Believe It’s Not Healthy.

    One last thing: I love the “Abs are made in the kitchen” on the wall. You’ve mentioned it to me before, but it’s awesome to finally see video of it.


    bgouthro Reply:

    Thanks for the solid comment Robert. There is an unfortunate gap between what the mainstream perceives as healthy and what the body knows is healthy!


  4. To be honest, nearly every item of food goes its rounds with how good it is for you and then how bad it is for you. Makes it very confusing. I prefer to just eat things in moderation, as even good foods in excess will do you harm.


  5. Kristjan
    6 years ago

    I definitely don’t eat soy and never will.

    By far the worst thing about this whole thing, and quite possibly a crime to humanity, is that infant based formulas are often largely soy based. It’s a horrifying thought.


    bgouthro Reply:

    Agreed. It’s good to see a few European government’s putting recommendations AGAINST baby consumption.


  6. Vaclav Gregor
    6 years ago

    I hate soy milk, so I drink the normal one.


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