Below you can see my before and after photos as well as testimonials from my clients from all over the world. I take pride and truly value every one of my clients that has trusted me to lead them on their journey of losing belly fat, getting six pack abs, and living life to their greatest potential.

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My Awaken The Abs Within Body Transformation

Before & After Photo


Before & After

Other Testimonials:

Brad’s overall philosophy of living lean just spoke to me. After following his advice, I quickly realized it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life. It’s just about making the most of your time in the gym by doing effective workouts that provide the most results, and of course eating healthy most of the time.

Michela, Alberta, Canada

Antony Postulates

“I have always watched what I eat and tried to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. But on reflection, I was nothing but a high carb, low protein cardio queen. After buying Brad Gouthro’s Awaken the Abs Within and following him on Twitter and YouTube I have turned my life around for the better, in a number of ways.

In 6 weeks I lost 2 inches off my waist and gained 2 inches on my chest and half an inch on my arms and I can finally see those abs that have been hiding all these years!My confidence, self-esteem and energy levels have sky rocketed whilst following Brad’s advice. This change hasn’t just been to my benefit, let’s just say my wife is not complaining about the new leaner, defined and athletic body her husband has either.With Brad’s book I made one amazing discovery, I was not eating enough. For me this is the best part about this lifestyle choice, I get to eat more, lose that annoying belly fat and increase my muscle mass, now who wouldn’t want that? Plus I have found a new love for clean whole foods that no chocolate bar can ever rival.Brad motivates, inspires and is always happy to help. He is an amazing subject matter expert and is always there to share his vast knowledge and advice.

Whenever anyone asks me about living a healthy lifestyle and exercise the first words that come out of my mouth are, ‘Go check out Brad Gouthro!’.

I definitely owe him a drink for all the help he has been, but now he owes me a new pair of trousers.

Antony, UK

Sam IsaacsJust wanted to say a hyooooge thanks. Last year I won a competition you posted and I got a copy of your Awaken The Abs Within workout.

I have to say it has truly changed my life.

I used to be a chubby kid that thought healthy food consisted of fried chicken and pancakes…so yeah thanks again man.

Samuel I., Malaysia


Brad speaks the truth! This guy changed my life all the way in Arizona from Canada! Get his book and read it – there is no BS in it – it cuts to the facts and you will be so happy to look at your lean body in the mirror! No joke his plan works!”
John, Arizona

Brad! The work and the workouts paid off bud. Our team won the province and are headed to the Brier! Thanks for everything – fitness played a huge part in our big win.
Mike, Halifax, Canada


“Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your e-book, everything is so well explained and thorough I now have a totally different view on food so thank you for that.”
Caroline Y.


“One week down feeling good…i was 233.2 pounds last week, and have just been on the scales and am now 228.8 so i am going in the right direction…”
Roberto, Australia


“I just had to share this news with the world. After only 12 days with following Brad Gouthro’s Awaken The Abs Within, I lost a half an inch around my waistline. I am absolutely thrilled! While on this program I have developed better eating habits. This is huge for me because I love junk food. I eat more fruits and vegetables now thanks to this ebook. Brad also breaks down the different types of exercises for beginners and for the advanced. Do not feel intimidated by these exercises. You should go at your own pace. It is better to exercise so you can see the results faster.”
Bridget, Maryland, USA


“Due to purchasing Brad’s book I now had to pay out for a smaller belt…I’ve just finished reading the ebook which I loved! ”
Daz, United Kingdom


“Since incorporating your simple tip of cutting out breads, I am down 10 lbs in about 6-7 weeks, thanks again.”
Nick, Windsor, Canada


I’m really enjoying your book, I’m only on page 50 but I can’t wait to finish. Thanks Brad :)”
Suzette, Halifax, Canada


“I love your stuff it is QUALITY!
Summer, Utah, USA


“Great book. Must read by anyone looking to get healthy & fit!”
Adam, Halifax, Canada


“Almost done your book!!!! AMAZING!! Recommend!”
Micaela, Montreal, Canada


“The book is a good read so far, Brad. Very well written and easily understandable. I’m enjoying it.”
Neil, Sackville, Canada


Brad did something for me that I wouldn’t have been able to overcome myself and that was making me feel comfortable going to the gym. That alone was the biggest step for me and his personality, being very welcoming, approachable, and knowledgeable, was a great help. He’s very laid-back, easy to talk to, and fast in responding to emailed inquiries.

Aside from that, Brad definitely knows his stuff. He’s real educative in proper form, muscles being worked during a movement, and nutritional guidance.

I highly recommend his personal training services, check out his site for his background and services…your first step in getting yourself in shape!

Andrew M., Vancouver, BC, Canada


The nutrition plan was exactly what I have been looking for and an incredible value for the price.”
Glenn S., Ottawa, ON, Canada


“You’re truly an inspiration man, always positive and always willing to help people, that’s what’s going to get you far in life.”
Andrew M., Toronto, ON, Canada


That workout was exactly what I was hoping for. Every exercise felt like it was working on the stuff I need to be better at my sport. Great info. It’s very empowering to know and understand the right things to be doing.”
Mike B., Bedford, NS, Canada
loved the nutrition/meal plan provided – the recipes are different and allowed me to try different ways to get the same nutrition. Thank you so much for having put so much into this, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have options! I’ve often felt like I couldn’t maintain my body unless I ate the same thing everyday, with your choices I finally see that I have some other great, tasty and healthy options. AND to make it even better…my partner loves them too! My Favorites are: no bake apple cobbler,  strawberry parfait, all the shakes, and the blueberry protein muffins…. Easy, simple and so Tasty! The other thing I love is that Brad is only a quick email away, his responses are always fast and helpful. Knowing that it’s so easy to get support and guidance makes it easier to stick to the plan…especially when you’re learning a new lifestyle. Thank you so much!
Jenn M., Ottawa, ON, Canada

I took your advice about the Post Workout Formula and it worked really well. I use water now in my post workout drinks. Thanks again! I have been going strong for about two weeks now and have lost about an inch around my middle and an inch off my thighs. I am down about two lbs too. Not needing to drop much weight, but still it’s working wonderfully. I am also adding your Wednesday workouts to my routines at night before bed or in the morning. Thank you so much for all that you do!”
Maria T., Chandler, AZ, USA


Once again thank you for all the success stories and kind feedback regarding my services. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness.

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