Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Simple Everyday Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle...

Many people struggle to find easy ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.  We get hyped up at the beginning of the year...start a fitness and diet program...but...we eventually go back to our comfort zone (i.e. the unhealthy zone).

One of the reasons this happens so often is that the program is not a maintainable healthy lifestyle plan.

Fortunately, I've found a healthy lifestyle solution that allows me to enjoy the occasional guilty pleasure (I love pizza and Dairy Queen Blizzards) but still live the lean lifestyle.

Some people, including my friends, just don't get it though.

Whenever I go out to eat with friends or associates, the conversation will always go something like this:

[~~~Before reading this...I'm simply poking fun at my friends. I love my friends!~~~]

Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

My Buddies...Beavis...and...Butthead

Beavis: Hey Brad, looks like you're getting a little pudgy, you better stick with the small veggie salad (as he chuckles).

Butthead: (chuckling) Yeah, you're making us look bad. How about I'll pay for your meal if you order the chicken wings and fries.

Me: (fake laugh as I think to myself, "here we go again").

Waiter comes over and places a bowl of bread in the middle of the table, then asks Chuck and Billy for their order. They sit there self-conscience about what to order since they think I'm going to judge their choice (seriously, choose what you want, I won't say a word). Then the waiter asks for my order...

Me: I'll have the steak and salad with the olive oil/balsamic dressing on the side please.

The waiter leaves...

Butthead: Are you allowed to eat steak? I thought it was bad for you? (being serious).

Beavis: Yeah, I thought you were a vegetarian? (once again, he's serious).

Me: (fake laugh as I'm hoping to be saved from this conversation by a phone call or the sound of gun shots).

Beavis: Have a piece of bread Brad. You know you want to (as he shoves the bread bowl in my face).

Me: I'm good man. So how's life? (as I try to change the subject and have a meaningful conversation).

Then the nutrition/fitness questions start flowing...everything from what I do in the gym to what they need to do to get six pack abs and a flat stomach (this is all included in my fitness/nutrition book).

I'll cover a few basics and then they'll ultimately make excuses why they can't do it because it would be "impossible" to cut junk food consumption or stay committed to a workout routine.

These conversations/actions happen every time...it's like clock work.

Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Live The Lean Lifestyle!

Most people don't realize there are simple ways to lead a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy "living life". It's all about choices.

With these types of self doubt and dependance on food, it's no wonder why approximately 70% of the population is over weight or obese.  Since 7 out of 10 people are unhealthy, it's not hard to find someone looking for information on how to lose fat. What is hard to find...is people that want to lose fat AND are committed to taking action and simple steps such as replacing refined junk foods in their kitchen (you won't eat it if it's not in your house) with healthy, unrefined, natural foods.

I try not to give fitness/nutrition advice to people unless they ask. To each their own. If they are serious about making a positive change, the first thing I always ask is what foods they keep stocked in their kitchen.

What do you think the common response is?

Make Healthier Choices

This May Taste Good Going Down...But You'll Regret It 5 Mins Later!

Surgery cereals, cookies, crackers, donuts, soda, and juices! In all seriousness, how do people expect to lose fat when they're consuming these empty calories that are high in the two belly fat superstars: refined sugar and trans fat?

When I tell them the first thing they need to do is throw out all these foods, they typically respond, "but everyone eats this?". Which I quickly respond back, "yes, and that's why 'everyone' is fat!".

People always assume with my diet, that I'm depriving myself by not eating junk food. Believe me, I'm not depriving myself. I'm making a healthy CHOICE! It's amazing that people just can't wrap their heads around the fact that I typically don't like junk food because of the way it makes me feel. Sure, I'll admit, some junk food tastes good during that initial 15 second consumption window, however the hours of low energy and the sick and greasy feeling following those 15 seconds is totally not worth it. Call it what you want, I crave healthy, energy packed food much more than junk food.

People often associate a healthy diet with low calorie, tasteless, and boring foods. This couldn't be further from the truth. I probably eat a higher volume of food than most people (ask my mom) and the full flavours of natural, organic foods and spices can't be matched. You just have to explore different foods and start being creative in the kitchen.

So following a healthy diet has nothing to do with depriving yourself or not living/enjoying life. I enjoy life more because of my increased energy levels, confidence, and overall healthy feeling.

Remember, I promote a healthy lifestyle, not short-term solutions that are not maintainable. Rather than cutting all junk food cold turkey, slowly cut your consumption every week. For example, I used to love bread. I'd eat 5-6 rolls at dinner. Once I studied how bad this was for me, I slowly weened myself off this bad habit by replacing it with delicious fruits and veggies. Believe me, if I can stop eating bread, rolls and croissants, you can cut drinking soda and eating potato chips. Pretty soon you'll start feeling better and seeing results, and you won't even miss it from your kitchen. That's just the way the body and mind works.

These are just a few simple ways to help get you past the thought that eating a healthy diet has to be boring and tasteless. You can enjoy and be satisfied with eating flavorful healthy food. But you first have to get your mind past the thought that eating junk food is a normal part of life. Do you really want to be "normal" when normal means being over weight and obese?

Here Are A Few Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle While Still Eating Tasty Food:

Healthy Grilled Chicken Fingers

Healthy Grilled Chicken Fingers

It may surprise you that I eat a few of these meals below. Remember, the important thing is to use high quality ingredients.


Junk Food Version: Fast food hamburger on a refined white bun.

Awaken The Abs Within Version: A hamburger made with grass fed beef (high in omega 3s and CLA), organic cheese (grass fed if possible), avocado slices, and a 100% sprouted grain bun.

Chicken Fingers

Junk Food Version: Breaded and deep fried with a side of french fries (this meal is loaded with trans fats).

Awaken The Abs Within Version: Grilled chicken breast strips with veggies and a peanut dipping sauce.


Junk Food Version: Chocolate candy bar, cupcake, or donut.

Awaken The Abs Within Version: A couple squares of 70%+ cocoa dark chocolate (higher in fiber and much lower in sugar).

Can you honestly tell me you're depriving yourself and not living life by eating the Awaken The Abs Within versions?

What Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle Do You Follow?

Share you ways to lead a healthy lifestyle below...

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! Indeed, choosing healthy foods to eat is enough to have a healthy living lifestyle. It also needs discipline towards a healthy eating habits.


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