Workout Program To Burn Fat [VIDEO]

Here’s Your Workout Program To Burn Fat

Today, I’m going to share with you an awesome workout program to burn fat. But before I do, what do you think are the most effective exercises to get six pack abs, a flat stomach, and lose belly fat?

workout program to burn fat

Yes, I too can get a flat stomach

I bet 95% of you answered “abdominal exercises” such as crunches, sit ups, and leg lifts. If this was your answer, this article is for you. I’ll tell you the answer shortly, but before I do that, let me share with you a quick story.

It was 12 months ago when I first saw “Karen” and “Gordie” in the gym. Although I’ve never spoken to them, I assume they are a happily married couple as they’re always working out together and seem to enjoy each others company. If I had to guess, I would say they are both in their mid 40’s and by the look of their waist size, they are new to working out.  Now it’s not my style or place to interrupt people’s workouts, but I’d love to share this article, that I’m sharing with you, with Karen and Gordie. Without a doubt, if they were asked the question above, they’d surely say sit ups and crunches since this is what they focused most of their time on.

Fast forward 12 months to the present. Although Karen and Gordie still go to the gym, they are still bringing with them the same belly fat as they had when they first walked into the gym. The reason? They probably didn’t change anything about their diet, but the point for this article is, they focused their time in the gym on the wrong types of exercises to lose belly fat and get six pack abs.

If I was training Karen and Gordie, I would give them a REAL workout program to burn fat and tell them to forget about typical ab workouts (for now). I’d have them focused on high intensity, metabolic boosting, full body workouts. Crunches, leg lifts, and sit ups can be good to sculpt your abs if you have low enough body fat. However, Karen and Gordie (and most people) don’t have low enough body fat. This means crunches, leg lifts, and sit ups will not be that effective in getting a flat stomach since they will not create much of a caloric burn. Although they may not realize it, the following fat burning, full body exercises will build a strong core and solid flat stomach by creating a metabolic and fat burning hormonal response in the body.

Here’s A Workout Program To Burn Fat

Your Tri-Set Flat Stomach Workout Program To Burn Fat

Type Of Workout: Tri-Set (This simply means complete a set of exercise 1, followed by a set of exercise 2, followed by a set of exercise 3.)

Number Of Sets x Reps: 4 x 8 (or change it up with: 5 sets x 5 reps)


1A: Renegade Dumbbell Rows

1B: Barbell Front Squats

1C: Mountain Climbers (rather than reps, complete this exercise based on time: 30 seconds)

Rest: 30 seconds after each exercise, then rest 1 minute after completing the entire tri-set. Repeat.

Exercise Descriptions:

Renegade Dumbbell Rows

Start in a pushup position with your hands on two dumbbells. Row one dumbbell up while stabilizing your body with the other arm. Lower the dumbbell back to the ground and repeat the same movement with the other arm. Remember to keep your core engaged the entire time by sucking in your belly. Since you have to stabilize your body during the rows, it gives your core an excellent workout.

Get Six Pack Abs

Get Six Pack Abs

Front Squats

This exercise is similar to barbell back squats, however the barbell is on the front of your shoulders instead of the upper back. Stabilize the barbell on your shoulders by crossing your arms, push your fists into the bar against your shoulders, and keep your elbows up and out in front of the body. This exercise requires stabilization strength in the abs due to the barbell weight being on the front of the body instead of the back. This is primarily a leg exercise, but you’ll feel it in the abs as well.

If you’re new to this exercise, you may want to check with a certified fitness trainer to ensure you are lifting with proper form. Start with light weight and then progress as you get more experience.

Get Six Pack Abs

Get Six Pack Abs

Mountain Climbers

Start in a pushup position and then alternate bringing your knees into your chest and then back to the starting position. Think about climbing a mountain but this time you’re on a flat horizontal surface. For an advanced version, also alternate your hands 8-10 inches forward and backward in addition to the leg movements. This is more difficult and makes it a full body exercise.

Get Six Pack Abs

Get Six Pack Abs

Even though you will not be directly training the abs, you will get a good ab workout and more importantly, create a fat burning metabolic boost in the body. Remember, to get six pack abs and a flat stomach, you have to first lose the belly fat! That’s why you should be focusing on exercises that cause spikes to your metabolism and create the greatest fat burning hormonal response in your body.

The workout above is just a small sample of what you get when you purchase a copy of my best selling e-book program, Awaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, be sure to pick it up today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, beginner or more advanced. You’ll find complete workouts and nutrition strategies that will completely transform your body, abs, lifestyle, and mind. That’s right, this e-book will get your body, diet, and mind right to get a sexy flat stomach.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what others are saying.

Take action now and give this workout program to burn fat a try!

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  1. I tell people this myself when I cover the gym at work. Working out is one thing, but more often than not it is what you are doing the rest of the day. You can’t work out and sit on your butt all day and expect results. I go over this in more detail


    bgouthro Reply:

    So true my friend. So true.


  2. Robert
    6 years ago

    I feel like no matter how many times you or I say “focus on your diet to get great abs,” people are still going to ignore the advice and stick to banging out ab exercise after ab exercise.

    Once a person’s body fat percentage is down far enough, then ab exercises can be really helpful. However, if you consistently eat too much or just eat pure junk, a person can’t really expect to have a fantastic body, let alone an amazing set of abs.

    Take yourself for example. You didn’t get your stomach from just killing bag after bag of Cheetos. You ate right and exercised. Simple advice, but it’s the hardest for people to really grasp.


    bgouthro Reply:

    Yeah man. I have a saying posted on the wall in my kitchen, “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” It keeps me focused.


  3. Ralph
    6 years ago

    Some really great exercises there!
    Very good core work and chest / arms!

    Can’t wait to try this in the gym!


    bgouthro Reply:

    Let me know how you do with it Ralph!


  4. Troy
    6 years ago

    Brad, Skip the crunches already! That looks like an excellent workout. I’m a huge fan of intervals, especially intervals with mountain climbers involved. [Hey I even managed to “win” a spot in Funk Robert’s Spartacus Vengence Workout with cross-body mountain climbers.]

    The other thing that is great for building core strength is offset exercises. For example lunges or squats with a dumbbell in one hand, or different weight dumbbells in each hand.

    What are your thoughts on adding a session of low-intensity cardio in a program like yours with high intensity full-body workouts? How beneficial is a low-intensity session to help cut fat?



    bgouthro Reply:

    Hey Troy, I’ve never heard of Funk Robert’s Spartacus Vengence Workout…I’ll have to look it up. In my Awaken The Abs Within program, the cardio aspect is more of a focus on 20 min HIIT but I also recommend a throwing in the occasional steady state cardio to hit your body with something different. Personally, I’ve experienced best fat loss on HIIT.


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